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Donald P. Lawrence, MD
Dr. Lawrence, of the Center for Melanoma at Massachusetts General Hospital, has earned numerous awards and honors for providing compassionate care to all of his melanoma patients, including Glenna. He and his staff of seriously talented care-givers provided support and guidance through the targeted therapies that Glenna chose and endured. Dr. Lawrence and his staff can be credited with giving Glenna the strength she needed to fight against her melanoma, motivating her to stay positive throughout her four years of grueling treatments. MGH is the largest federally funded hospital-based research program in the country and funds raised from the Glenna Kohl Fund for Hope events help support the Center for Melanoma under Dr. Lawrence’s direction. Please contact him at:
55 Fruit Street, YAW 9E Boston, MA 02114-2696
Phone: 617-724-4000 • Website

Senator James E. Timilty
Senator Timilty has long been a thorn in the side of the MA indoor tanning community and is largely responsible for initiating anti-tanning legislation that passed the Massachusetts Senate in 2010 (S2339). The bill requires 16- and 17-year olds to have written permission from a parent to tan, while banning the tanning services for those under the age of 16. The MA House failed to approve a different version of the bill (H4884) and the two branches were unable to agree on a single version to forward to the Governor for final resolution. One thing they all agree on is how Glenna’s testimony at the Statehouse in favor of Senator Timilty’s bill, before she lost her three-year battle with melanoma, was responsible for moving the two bills this far. For an update on the status of the MA legislation to restrict tanning salons to adults, please contact:
State House
Room 507 Boston, MA 02133
Phone: 617-722-1222 •
Bill S2339 – An Act Further Regulating Tanning Facilities

Bill H4884 – An Act Further Regulating Tanning Facilities

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