I knew Glenna through lifeguarding at the Town of Barnstable and always enjoyed working with her. She also taught swimming lessons to my younger siblings, and they absolutely adored her. I was just heartbroken to hear about her what she went through and will always keep your family in my thoughts and prayers. I share Glenna’s story with all my friends and encourage them to have regular exams with a dermatologist. When I went in for my yearly skin check at the dermatologist today in Houston, I mentioned I was inspired to come in after reading Glenna’s story in Cosmo and that I knew her through lifeguarding on Cape Cod. My dermatologist had the article posted in her office and explained that she shares Glenna’s story with any of her patients who are still hooked on tanning. Especially with teenage girls who think that having a tan year round is the worth any price. I just wanted to let you know that even down here in Houston, Texas, Glenna’s story is having an impact and helping to educate others.