Hi Colleen,

My name is Sarah and I went to high school and was on the crew team with Glenna. Please let me start of by telling you what a wonderful, beautiful and special person your daughter was. I think about her and your family every day.

I was diagnosed with melanoma in April of 2005. I was on spring break my senior of college and noticed a small freckle on my left forearm. It didn’t appear unusual, but was slightly raised and for some reason I had a strange feeling about it. After returning home from vacation, I went to the health center of my college to get their opinion. They told me it was a freckle that probably just came out in the sun.  For the next few weeks, I kept thinking about the freckle and still felt uneasy. I went back to the health center and asked for a dermatologist referral. They were hesitant to give me one – but eventually did. I went to the dermatologist and she suggested I watch spot over the next six months and note if there are any changes. Although the spot did not have any abnormal characteristics, something about this still did not settle with me and I asked her to please take it off. A few days later the dermatologist called and informed me that it was in stage II melanoma.

A few days before my college graduation, I had surgery to remove the melanoma. They were able to remove everything with the surgery and no further treatment was needed.  I have had two other moles removed since then – both came back with abnormal cells, but not melanoma.

The summer after my surgery, I had a call from Glenna. She had heard from someone about my experience and wanted to reach out to see how I was doing. We kept in touch after that and she would check in from time to time to see how I was doing.

Kindest Regards,