Thank you to the Glenna’s family for the courage to share their story of how scary and threatening Melanoma really is. When I was 25, I was diagnosed with Melanoma, but I have a very different story. Thankfully, I caught it early, and my Melanoma did not spread to my lymph nodes or organs, and 11 years later, I’m considered a cancer survivor.

Even though I have survived, I often take for granted just how lucky I was to have it caught it so early – especially when I hear stories such as Glenna’s. I have spread the word – on a much smaller scale – to those that I know about the benefits of regular mole checks, and the importance of protecting your skin from the sun. In comparison, I’ve made much smaller strides than you, but I’m eternally thankful to those who have the courage to spread the word on a much more global and public scale. Thank you for sharing your story, and helping to save the lives of those who may not have previously thought about the harm that Melanoma can have on a family!