My name is Kayse and I am a 35 year old mother of two and registered nurse. I had a mole that had bothered me for some time but got frequent reassurance from co-workers that it “looked normal”. I wasn’t convinced. However, I continued to tan (even though I knew better) and put off going to the doctor. One day I picked up Cosmo and read your daughters story. I spent a considerable amount of time crying for a beautiful life lost. It was that very moment that I decided to stop tanning and make an appointment. The doctor was “concerned” with the mole BUT “would be very surprised if it came back as melanoma”. A week later they called me and told me it was Stage II Melanoma. As I type this, I am still recovering from a very painful surgery. However, my chest x-ray and lymph nodes came back clear! Sharing your daughters story, I am convinced, saved my life! I probably would have continued to put it off, and as we know with melanoma time can be of the essence.

I am donating to your organization TONIGHT and encouraging all of my friends and family members to do the same. In addition, I am sharing your daughters story along with mine. I am an educated woman in a health care profession who KNEW better and didn’t make the right choices. I have found through my experience people just don’t understand how serious melanoma can be. I thank you so much for sharing your story and educating the public. It was your story that encouraged me to do something NOW. God bless you and your family. My mom, husband, daughter, son, friends, and myself thank you from the bottom of our hearts.