Hi Colleen,

My name is Jessica Barry, I am 19 years old and I live in New Jersey. Recently I had a few A-typical moles removed better known as Dysplastic Nevi. I found this article in a cosmo magazine and I was so awakened by Glenna’s story. She is not only a symbol of strength but she is so inspirational. I am entering the Miss Monmouth County pageant and I get the priviledge of choosing a platform; I chose Skin Cancer Awareness and Prevention. I too use to indulge in tanning booths and bask in the sun on the beach; Glenna’s story literally brings tears to my eyes. I have been speaking to local sports teams and clubs in my community to heighten the awareness and I did want to share that I have printed out Glenna’s story and posted it on my poster board. I will include her story in my speech and continue to preach the importance of skin care safety. Hopefully I can come to the next event that is hosted by Glenna Kohl Fund for Hope because I am so inspired to have learned about Glenna. Please know my thoughts and prayers are with her, her family and friends; you truly are making a difference.

Thank you,
Jessica Barry