The Glenna Kohl Fund for Hope is very excited to share some new initiatives and events with you in 2016! Scroll down to learn more.

Shade the Cape Initiative

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The Cape Cod Healthcare Community Benefits Program has donated $5,400 to the Glenna Kohl Fund for Hope to support our Shade the Cape initiative. With these Community Benefits Program funds, we are able to install an additional 30 sunscreen dispensers throughout all fifteen towns on Cape Cod! Their support underscores the vulnerability of Barnstable County’s residents and visitors to melanoma and our mission to increase awareness of our community to the importance of early detection and prevention of melanoma.

7th Annual Piggy Trot!

Join us for our 7th Annual Piggy Trot Road Race!! A 3.7 mile road race to raise funds to Shade the Cape through the Glenna Kohl Fund for Hope.

Sponsorship Opportunities are available!

Registration Is Now Open!

“What’s up with the Piggy theme?”

That question has been asked many times since our very first Piggy Trot in 2010. We’ve embraced the uniqueness of the Piggy Trot’s name not only to set our road race apart from others on Cape Cod but to also pay homage to our number one inspiration, Glenna.

Glenna was dubbed “Piggy” almost a decade prior to the first Piggy Trot while she attended Salve Regina University. During ice hockey games, Glenna would cheer on her friends wearing a pink piggy hat and snorting happily when she laughed. From then on, the nickname grew into an identity. Now, after six successful Piggy Trots, we are excited to announce a new fall event – the Piggy Roast!

Piggy Logo Designs by Jim Snider

The 1st Annual Piggy Roast!

The 1st Annual Piggy Roast, scheduled for Saturday, October 1, 2016 will be a family-friendly event held at the Lorusso Lodge at Flax Pond in Yarmouth and will raise money to:

  • Fund melanoma research at Massachusetts General Hospital
  • Build community shade structures on Cape Cod
  • Protect residents and tourists with donated sun screen dispensers in public spaces

Where do your donations go?

The money that The Glenna Kohl Fund for Hope raises at their events is donated towards research, awareness and prevention. They also give back by donating to scholarships and other foundations.



Giving Back

You don’t have to wait until one of our events to make an impact – donate now to the Glenna Kohl Fund for Hope to support Glenna’s mission to bring awareness to early detection and prevention of melanoma and to provide support to those fighting the deadly disease. Together, we can keep our main Piggy proud.

Thanks in advance for your continued support,

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