Letters to Glenna

Letter from Sarah

Hi Colleen, My name is Sarah and I went to high school and was on the crew team with Glenna. Please let me start of by telling you what a wonderful, beautiful and special person your daughter was. I think about her and your family every day. I was diagnosed with...

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Letter from Kayse

My name is Kayse and I am a 35 year old mother of two and registered nurse. I had a mole that had bothered me for some time but got frequent reassurance from co-workers that it “looked normal”. I wasn’t convinced. However, I continued to tan (even though I knew...

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Letter from Sherry

I was absolutely inspired by Glenna’s story. I read about the story in Cosmo this month and was in tears to read about someone as similar as I am. I was diagnosed with stage 3 melanoma in July of 2005, I had an area removed in April of 2005 and received the news back...

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Letter from Jessica

Hi Colleen, My name is Jessica Barry, I am 19 years old and I live in New Jersey. Recently I had a few A-typical moles removed better known as Dysplastic Nevi. I found this article in a cosmo magazine and I was so awakened by Glenna’s story. She is not only a symbol...

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Letter from Elizabeth

Hi, I just wanted to thank you, on behalf of myself and my 2 year old little girl, for finding the unbelievable courage to share Glenna’s story. While I know you are inundated with letters just like these, I still feel compelled to reach out and share my little story....

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Letter from Shannon

I was diagnosed with Stage II Melanoma in July 2008. I had surgery 10/20/2008 and have been cancer free since… but is scares the crap out of me that I might battle it again in the future.

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